AstroDroid '76 (Peteric) Body Detail Unit 'A'

The body Unit 'A' detail  (often called the Octagon Port in prop communities) on the original Artoo bodies made in 1976 for the 1977 film Star Wars have to features that differ from currently published specs and currently available parts.

 On currently available spec the  “vents” are shown as physical cutouts. On the original bodies they appear to be either paint, tape, or dry transfer.

On currently available specs the “cylinder stacks” are shown as having asymmetrical spacing in the diameter of the cylinders. On the original bodies they appear to have equal spacing between the diameters.

This project is to make a set of CAD models and blueprints of the two features as they appeared in the 1977 film and to make set of physical samples parts to validate the design.


original production body blueprints do not have vent cutouts called out. Looking at the photos of the ANH units, it can be seen that the details do not have cutouts. In the photo below the floor would be seen through the cutouts.

The original units have the vent detailing either painted on, taped on, or were applied with dry transfer. The dry transfer may have been applied to an insert plate or may have been applied directly to the back plate of the housing.

Replica Design

The replica is based on the  cross section 56 from the 1976 production blueprint set.


The original detail housing looks like it create from sheet metal. it appears to be an octagonal back plate welded to a a folded bent sheet metal walls. The stacked cylinders appear to be machined on a lathe. The assembly is held together with a screw.


The 3D prints simulates the folded sheet metal walls welded to the sheet metal backing plate included a model of the weld itself.

The replica can be made from welded aluminum sheet, machined aluminum stock, or 3D printed. Currently machined aluminum pockets are available from the r2Builders community at Astromech or the STL files for DIY 3D prints are available at Thingiverse.

In this build we will be printing the STL file on a FormLabs Form2 SLA resin printer. The pockets are painted blue so there should be no way to discern the SLA pockets from Aluminum pockets.



Cylinder Stack Aluminum Upgrade 




The price for a dry transfer sheet is by sheet size. The smallest sheet available from Image Transfers is 8.5” by 11”. Image Transfer had special pricing where the 11” x 17” sheet was available at 8.5” by 11” pricing.


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