New History: Ralph McQuarrie first production blueprint in 3D

The first true blueprint for the production was made between August 1975 and September 1975. The blueprint is credit in "The Making of Start Wars" to Ralph McQuarrie as a study in how an actor would fit inside of the costume.

  • The blueprint shows a front view and side view of the costume in the 2 leg configuration as well as a second side with the costume in a 3 leg configuration. In the 3 leg configuration the center foot is moved to the rear and the body is tilted forward which is the opposite of the final production prop.
  • The blueprint shows the dome and body with an 18" diameter, which indicates that this was drawn before Roger Christian found the 18.25" diameter reflector lamp.
  • The battery box design on the blueprint shows that the battery boxes were fixed to the ankle and were to rotate with the legs. This would have required additional clearance on the lower front and lower rear of the boxes in order to clear the feet.

As far as we know this is the first 3D model of this iteration blueprint of Artoo. This is the first 3D geometry being locked down as a version of the OpenR2 specification. 

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