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Mechanical R.2.


T.X Details

Left hand stick controls speed.
Stick pulled right back (towards operator) is zero -
fully forward is maximum. It may be necessary to
adjust trim control to obtain full range.
(Stop - slow - medium - fast).

Right hand stick is fitted with a simple mechanical
adapter that reverses the stick movement so as to
provide true directional steering. (The steering servo
and mechanics produce 'reversed' steering.)

Leg dropping is triggered by the auxiliary toggle switch.
It is most important to ensure that this switch is in
the 'off' postilion before switching on the transmitter and
receiver. Failure to do so will leave the leg drop
solenoid energized and will cause overheating.

Plate 1.

Shows the relative positions of all important components.
Removal of the head and rear panels as shown provides access
to mechanical and electrical parts housed in the body.

It should be repeated that the traction batteries are not
removable and must be charged in situ. The two 6V cells
for head lights and steering are removable.
All cabling to batteries is done with twin cable - the
conductors being connected in parallel.

Plate 2.

The Rx deac is a push fit in it's housing.
The Rx unit is mounted so as to give access to xtal
and servo sockets and should not be moved. The aerial has
been shortened and must be led to the outside of the
head and extended with fine enambled wire kept, as far
as possible away from the body. (Hanging and/or trailing
is alright). Remember that the effective length
of the aerial is that length outside the head.

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