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This version of the R.2. Unit is radio controlled and is
intended as a three legged rolling version of "Kenny's" R.2.
It has three forward speeds but no reverse and is steerable.
It has provision for the change from the two legged to the
three legged configuration. The front leg "drop" can be
achieved by remote radio control.

It has three blocks of simulated computer lights
(F.O Displays) in the head together with two pulsating
lights. The head matches the version used in Kenny's R.2.
in all important details.


In order to achieve forward motion the two feet attached
to the standing legs are equipped with individual geared
traction motors driving the twin in-line wheels via chain
and sprockets.


There are four basic electrical systems.

(1)             The traction motors and leg drop mechanism
                   are operated from a 36V system. Speed  control
                   is achieved via a servo/micro switch mechanism
                   and associated relays giving 12-24-36V drive to
                   two traction motors.

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