Mechanical R2 Unit - Page 02

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(2)            The steering servo is supplied with 6V as
                   are the F.O. light disk drive motors.

(3)            The two 50w Q.I. lamps which are part of
                   the F.O. light mechanism are supplied with
                   12V as are the light pulser drives.

(4)             Radio circuits are supplied by a DEAC
                    switched by a slide switch in a recessed
                    panel on the lower left hand side of the
                    body shell.

NOTE:    All connectors are of a "push on" automobile
                   type except for the radio control system which
                   uses its own three pin plugs and sockets.

                   6V and 12V circuits driving the head display
                   lamps and motors are switched a large toggle
                   at the lower centre of the body shell at the

N.B.         (a)             The two 6V cells comprising the 12V
                                      circuit are removable for charging
                                      purposes. The six traction batteries
                                      are not removable and must be charges
                                      in situ.

                   (b)             In the two legged configuration it is
                                      essential that the robot be balanced
                                      or supported.

                   (c)             In the three legged configuration the
                                      leg ties must be in position for stable
                                      performance, in particular, when executing
                                      tight turns.

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